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Saturday, June 30th 2012

6:20 AM

Wild preteen fucking


Related article: Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 16:53:25 +0000 From: Steve Thomas Subject: Hey Mikey! Chapter 7Hey-Mikey!This is a work of pure fiction, but based on the author's feelings,beliefs, and in some cases, experience. Come to think of it -- it mightnot be all that pure! There may be graphic sexual encounters at timesbetween males, so if this offends you, you are invited to retreat. If youare too young or it is otherwise illegal for you to be reading this kindif story, shame on you for reading it - - please stop here. If not, - -ENJOY!Cast of characters:Michael Timothy Headly -- That's me!Spike -- (Diane, my big sister)Mary -- My momTom -- My father.Gilbert Blank -- Friend from WoodlandJoey Gray -- Gilbert's "little brother"Bobby Pepper -- New friendRoger Pender -- Friend from ArcataMajaic -- Roger's "son".... From Chapter 6:Gary started to thrust gently. "Harder, Gare! -- faster! Fuck the shit outa me!"That term seemed to go over Gary's head, but I didn't miss it!Before long, Gary was again breathing and crying out in a little girl high pitched whine. "Bob-Bob! I gotta cummmmm!""Go for it, Gare!"Said Bobby and then he turned to me and said, "I love preteen teenage porn you so much, Mikey!" He kissed me while Gary was wildly cumming inside him."OMIGOD, Bob-Bob! I Love you tooooooooo." Said Gary and he came and came inside Bobby's anal cavity.When he was finished, it was as if I wasn't legal preteen hentai even there. He picked Bobby up like a rag doll and kissed him deeply. "I'm sorry, Bob-Bob -- I'm sorry -- all this time and I didn't know how much you loved me! And I'll be fucked if I don't feel the same!"I guess he didn't hear Bobby say, "I love you, MIKEY!"Chapter 7We laughed at Gary because he showed up a day early at Bobby's house. I was not laughing when I showed up 3 days late for school, through a miscommunication from registration -- or maybe a misunderstanding. They were nice about it though and assigned me an orientation aide to get me up to speed."Hey! Ah'm Arlo." He said with a southern twang. "And you are ... it says here, Michael. May Ah call preteen swimwear bikinis you Mike?" Without my affirmation, he continued, "Ah'm afraid you've missed the assignation of quarters, done the first day for obvious reasons. There are always a few places held back for late comers, but ... Ah'm afraid they aren't too -- well, they lack something to be sure. Ah've taken the liberty to assign you -- temporarily -- to my quarters. We have only 2 guys in a four-bed bungalow. Usually the fourth bedroom is reserved as a study preteen hot pix in these reclaimed tenement houses, but as a temporary basis, it should work out okay. Oh! Ah mean -- you probably want to take one of the 2nd week vacancies on campus -- not be stuck off campus with a bunch of 3rd years."I nodded, trying not to smile as widely as I was feeling. This boy was a junior, and as soon as he learned I too was on preteen amateur nude a swimming scholarship, he warmed up to me. Fall in Chicago can be either warm or cold -- and this was a quite warm day, so he was in shorts, which showed off his tanned legs well, preteen model csm with their thin coat of fine black hair. I think I could learn to live off campus!Arlo was 5'-6" tall, a full half foot shorter than I, and his coal black hair shimmered in the sunlight. His eyes were steely blue, with flecks of grey. He had an easy smile that often turned into a wide grin with deep dimples. His nose was slightly turned up at the tip. He seemed to have a fine line which went from his forehead, down his nose and into a deeply cleft chin. As soon as we left the student center, he relaxed his attire, which was to unbutton his shirt, letting it fall open to reveal an equally tan torso, with a light sprinkling of hair on his chest. His hair was almost a page boy style, which would look dweeby on anyone else, but on him it was stunning -- like Sir Lancelot or something.His open shirt begged me to try to see what was hidden just inside. I could see his nips slightly pushing at the soft cotton material. The shirt did nothing to mask the delicious treasure trail that disappeared into his very low slung nylon cargo shorts. It actually started to widen to his pubes before it was lost under the material."So -- where is Williams California?" He asked. Ah've only been to Disneyland!"I was glad we were walking when he asked that, because when I started to answer, my mouth was watering profusely from imagining what might be further down than that treasure trail that I spewed out saliva 6 feet in front of me! "We're nowhere close to Disneyland." I answered. "Williams is north of Sacramento.""Oh! Have you been to San Francisco?""Oh yeah!" I said, about to tell him about the one time! I stopped myself. It didn't compare with Disneyland, that's for sure! And ... he might not appreciate what I found there anyway!"Did you ride the cable cars?""Naw." I said, "Where is there in Chicago to go for entertainment?""Did you go to Fisherman's Wharf?""Nope.""Alcatraz?""'Fraid not. I just went there with my sis, to - ""Dude! What did you do there? Ah've read about all those places -- and decided if Ah ever get there, Ah HAVE to see those! How about Golden Gate Park?""No. We didn't go there to - ""Oh no! The only other place Ah can think of is Castro! You didn't go to the Castro, did you?"I said to myself, "Self -- now's the time~!" I preteenasspics told myself before I left that I was not going to live a double life here! "Actually I did go to Castro Street. It's why my sis took me. She actually dragged me!""Your sis a lez or something?""Actually no." I said, getting slight irritated and maybe regretting being so upfront. "I'm a queer -- or something!"I was suddenly so nervous, I was 4 to 5 steps in front of him before I even noticed he had stopped. I turned and he was stopped dead still, with his mouth wide open. It would have been even more unnerving if his open mouth was not quivering with a wide smile!"Dude!" He finally said, grinning! "That is so cool! Ah grew up in rural Tennessee and if anyone was gay, they didn't ever admit it openly. Ah'm not gay, but Ah'm pretty intrigued. Ah think Randy, muh roomie is, but Ah'm afraid to ask!""Why?" I asked."Well, what if he's not? That could be awkward ... you know?"When we got into the bungalow, there sat his room mate -- or rather he was more lying on the chair than sitting. Arlo preceded me into the house, "Dude! Cover up a little. preteenasspics We have company! He got up -- and up and ... up! He towered over both me and Arlo. Randy started blankly for a moment. "Randy -- this here's out new roomie -- Michael."I offered my hand and Randy just stood there. "Oh!" Said Arlo. Sometimes I forget: Randy can't see you. He lost his sight in a snow accident. I stepped closer and picked up his preteen cartoons tits hand.He then said, "Oh! Sorry." I gripped him firmly and smiled up into his very light blue eyes. "Nice to meet you preteens hegre free Randy!" I exclaimed."Nice to meet you too, Michael." He said, his freckled face turning fire red. He had flaming red hair, and his heavily befreckled face looked about 13 years old. His eye creamy preteen cunt brows were so white, they seemed non-existent. He was shirtless, with pajama bottoms, and the fly gaped open to reveal a mass of curly red hair there, but nothing else. He poked at the fly, not realizing he wasn't revealing anything."I should get something on!" He said"Naw! Relax, Roomie!" I said. "I'm kind of an exhibitionist myself!" I said."You're room is the last one on the right, Mike!" Said Arlo. Then he turned to thong preteen models Randy. "Mike here is gay!" He announced. I felt like maybe I should not have been so quick to out myself."Oh. That's cool." Said Randy. He could have been commenting on the fair weather. "I bought some bread and lunch meat, if you guys are hungry."That was easy!"There's a pep rally this evening. Maybe after you check in with your professors, you'd like to go with Randy and me." Said Arlo. We play Michigan State Friday night. Randy used to be a wide receiver!""No thong preteen models way!" I said. Then realizing how insensitive that was, I said, "Oh -- I'm sorry! You just don't seem like - ""It's okay. I get that a lot. nude preteen preview And relax. I'm NOT your typical footballer! I just happen to be able to - well, USED to be able to - catch a ball.""He's screwing with yah, Mike!" Said Arlo. "He was all CIF champ in southern California two years in a row!"Randy looked chagrinned. model preteen portal "In high school I was king shit ... on the gridiron! But only there! And now, I'm just another punk -- and a blind punk besides!"I realized I was still holding his hand. And that he was not trying in any way to let it go. He covered it with the other and felt it from both sides. "You -- you -- feel like someone I've met before. Where are you from?""Williams California.""Never been there. I'm a local. But preteens modeling lingerie -- it's really strange -- it's like I already know you -- your hand -- it's -- well, it's nothing, I guess."I went to the offices preteens hegre free of all my instructors and made the proper arrangements for coming into class late. (Actually not all were late, because some had not started yet.)When I got back, Randy was the only one there. When I walked in, he was in the hallway, naked as a jay bird. "Arlo?""No -- it's Mikey." I said -- then, "I mean - "Hi!" He said, awkwardly, as if he thought he should say something. "Just gonna hop into the shower."After I heard the water running, awhile I stepped in the bathroom. That made the shower curtain ruffle. "That you, Mikey?"Something seemed very right about him calling me that!"Yeah -- sorry. I really have to pee bad.""No problem." He said, as the water turned off. "Maybe you can hand me my towel just beside you there."He pushed the curtain back and stood there dripping wet and I was so taken aback, I felt a strong surge and my whole groin jumped and my pee stopped. I was frozen in time for a few seconds -- which seemed like a half minute to me. I quickly reached for his towel with the same hand I had been holding my dick with, then stopped and reached with the other hand. He laughed, as he stood there with his hand extended. "I get that a lot."I knew exactly what he was talking about. His dick was not as long as Joeys, but it was very long and thicker than Joey's and I was glad he couldn't see that my mouth was watering. I was speechless. "I'm so glad you came to be with us! And -- that you're so open about being gay.""Well, actually, you and Arlo are the only ones I've told I am gay. I did it on a wild hair with him and have been wondering if that was such a good idea.""I'm glad you did!" He said, as he toweled off. He seemed oblivious that I would be staring like I was. By this time I was finished peeing, and zipped up."Um -- why are you -- um -- GLAD I'm gay?"Maybe now he could feel comfortable telling ME. I was imagining me guiding him around the campus -- holding his hand and no one really being the wiser -- because he was blind. I was also imagining holding something else that seemed to be staring me in the face."It's my little brother, Jay. I'm pretty sure he's gay. He hasn't told me, but I can remember how he used to look at guys before -- before -- I lost my sight?""How did you lose it, Randy?" I asked. Trying to sound as sensitive sounding as I felt.I decided to strip and preteen cartoons tits take a shower too. I wasn't worried about Randy seeing me! He started his story as I cleaned up."My family went to New Zealand to visit relatives right after graduation. While there Jay and I went skiing with my cousins. There was an avalanche. We were caught in it. No one was hurt, and because of Jay's expert knowledge of snow camping, we didn't preteen amateur nude freeze either. It took them 2 days boys pix preteen to find us. But that second day, even though we didn't get far from our camp -- because Jay told us it was preteen pedo photos not smart to do that -- we walked around outside in the area. I was the only one without sunglasses.Jay told me to bring them, but I told him I didn't need them. It underage black preteen was dark and actually snowing the day we went skiing. "Jay knew the risks, but he just didn't realize how serious it was. I got snow blinded. It burnt the retina pretty bad. My sight just kept getting dimmer and dimmer, until I could see nothing.""You -- you -- talk about it as if you were reading a text book. I'd be -- well -- really upset!"Actually I was for awhile. But I realized that had I listened to my brother, I could still see. I dunno -- I got sad -- I got mad. Then I got a blessing."We had been kind of hollering over preteen puberty images the sound of the shower, preteenj nude but I turned it off and I asked, "A blessing?""Yes. preteen nudists ass In my church, all male members hold the Priesthood. I was close fucking preteen children to my bishop so I asked him to bless me. I could have asked my father, but -- I just felt impressed to ask the bishop. He asked me if I had the faith to be healed. I said yes. He and my father laid their hands on my head and he blessed me to be healed. As soon as he said that, I realized that's all I needed to hear. He told me that through the power of the priesthood and through my faith -- I would be healed.""Wow!" I said. "What happened?" preteenj nude I said as I dried myself with a towel he grabbed from under the counter."Well, I was healed!""Uh-huh. But -- you -- can't see now -- can you?""No. It wasn't my eyes that were healed. It was my spirit. I realized from that moment that there was a reason for me being struck blind. I didn't know the reason then ... or now, really. All I know is that all my anger, and self pity seemed to melt away.""And -- you still don't know the reason -- for you to be -- um -- struck blind?" I asked."I dunno. I don't even care. Maybe someday I'll know. Maybe it has something to do with my brother. If he IS gay, I know he's terrified to tell anyone -- links preteen model especially our dad.""I know that one. It was hard for me to tell my dad. I did it out of frustration. I was feeling like a second class citizen.""How old are you?" Randy asked me."I'll be nineteen in December.""Same with Jay! He should be coming here in a couple months to check out the campus. I've been here two years and he's never redhead preteen been. He wants to come here when he graduates.""He's still in high school?""Yeah -- with his birthday in December it was up to my parents, and they decided to keep him back a year. I think he would have been fine, but that's a lot of hindsight. He was first in his class with everything. I hope the folks will let him follow his dream.""What is that?""He's an artist. Anyway -- maybe if he comes here, you can help me determine if he's gay."I started to laugh. "What?" He said, "Not well enough honed in your gaydar?" Said Randy."Well, no, I just remembered something.""What?""I'm not sure I have the right to tell you." I said, hanging my towel and walking into the hallway. He followed. "It's -- um -- Arlo. I -- uh -- better let him tell you.""Arlo's a funny guy. Kind of shy in some ways. Hee hee! I think he thinks I'm preteenasspics gay!""That's it! He was hoping I could help bring you out." I laughed."What, Arlo? Haha! I -- um -- well -- this is rich!" He laughed again. "Okay, I'll come out to him as soon as he gets here.""Come out to him?" I asked, more confused than ever, but hoping ..."Hi! Looks like you two have gotten to know each other well!" Said Arlo, looking up and down both of our naked bodies."Arlo! When did best photos preteens you come in?" I exclaimed."He just walked in. Didn't you hear him?" Said Randy.I was a bit unnerved, because all this time, Randy and I were standing naked in the hallway. My dick was -- luckily -- not completely hard, but -- it was well filled out. Actually I don't mind other guys seeing me in that condition, but it just was weird that he'd catch us just standing around naked and young preteen kids talking."Arlo -- I have a confession to make to you." Said Randy purposely looking down at the floor he could not see."It's okay, Ah already suspected it.""Arlo -- I -- I -- I'm straight!""It's okay, Rand, really -- It doesn't matter in the least if your -- your -- what?" He stopped then exclaimed, "You're straight?""What did you think I was going to say?""Ah - er -- um -- uh - "Randy and I started to giggle."Oh! Haha! You were shittin' me! You really ARE gay!""No Arlo, I'm jp pantie preteen not. But my brother might be -- and -- I was afraid what you might think.""Dude! Ah wouldn't have cared if you were gay! Ah surely don't care if your brother is!""Well, he's coming next month -- to tour the campus. I'm hoping maybe you and well, now young preteen kids Mikey here -- will help me make him feel comfortable -- and may -- maybe draw him out -- if he's gay -- and let him know we don't care -- and that he is safe with -- at least -- us.""Gosh, y'all are awesome!" Said Arlo. "So -- it looks like you and Mike have been getting comfortable with each other." He said. Even I could hear the grin in his voice."Well, yeah! I can't see his nakedness and he seems to like seeing mine. That works okay for me!" I felt my ears burning when he said that!"Maybe Ah should join y'all!" Laughed Arlo. "But it feels strange to me. We just didn't do this down in Tennessee."It's probably better you didn't." said Randy. "That might be too much for Mikey -- to see us both creamy preteen cunt in the buff!" He laughed."Bring it on!" I said, "But I take no responsibility for the consequences!" I laughed and squeezed my persistent pecker, now pointing almost straight out!"Naw -- Ah think Ah'll pass."Randy and I went to our rooms and got dressed and Arlo took a shower, then we ate some sandwiches and went to the rally. Arlo seemed to be kind of relieved that I was there. I think he was trying take care of Randy, but feeling like it was tying him down. It was as if my coming to them freed him up and I almost felt like a baton was being passed -- at least until I get my permanent quarters.I actually felt a little tied down myself. I had hoped to look around a little more, maybe test my gaydar a little. As if reading my thoughts, he said, "Hey, you don't need to stay here with me! You probably want to explore a little -- maybe find some guys like more yourself."My answer floored me. Not because of what it said: all I said was -- "I think you are more like me than anyone else I could meet tonight.""No -- really -- I can see in the dark you know!""Huh?" I said, "You mean - ""I mean -- I can see in the dark young preteen kids equally as well as I see during the day. I know my way to the bus stop, and how to get home after he lets me off. Go fly away, Mikey! models preteen topsites Find your people!" he laughed and made like a butterfly.He walked away from me and left me standing there. I looked around. I wondered if I ever felt so alone in my life!"Hi, I'm gay. Can you point me in the direction of the gay people?" I wanted to ask someone, but ... instead I wandered around, smiled at a few girls, but saw no one that I could be sure -- or even wondered -- if they were gay."Mike!" I heard and turned. I was hoping upon wish that it was Randy, but I knew better. I turned and Arlo beckoned me to him and a bunch of friends.I was about halfway to him when I paused a moment. preteen model csm It dawned on me -- he probably told them I was gay! Shit! I don't want to deal with this right now! I took a deep breath and walked preteens private pics to his group. "This is my new roomie, Mike. Mike came in late -- just today -- from California.""James?!" Said one of the guys. "Er -- no -- you said his name was Mike, didn't you. Sorry, you just reminded me of -- someone else. My little brother has a friend who's -- but -- heh. Well, nice to meet you -- um -- Mike! I'm Gordy." He presented his hand for me to buss.Various others presented themselves. Then one said, "Are you pledging a frat?""Erm -- um -- preteens modeling lingerie probably not. I need to keep my focus on studying.""Arlo tells us you are a swimmer.""That's another reason. Part of my scholarship is for swimming, so I really need to keep the grades high.""Understood. You look more like a football player.""I guess I'm supposed to say thanks?" I joked. "I like to toss a ball around a little.""Why don't you join us for a little smear the queer down in the end zone. Or do they do that in California.""They probably do!" Said Arlo, suddenly on guard. I guess Randy wasn't the only one he was going to feel like he needed to protect! "But Mike probably preteens sex movie needs to - ""I can play smear the queer!" I said. If Arlo was trying to protect me ... Well, I can protect myself!I held my own, and even got past the goal post once. But of course I got smeared about five times, before I gave up the ball. I always liked this game because nearly everyone is the queer at least once! And ... of course ... all that close body contact!By the time that was over, Arlo was nowhere to be found. Well, he probably goes into self-protect mode when games like that start. He is small enough he really could get hurt. I found my way home and he was not there yet. I peeked in on Randy and he was in his bed preteen gallery real in the dark. I assumed he was sleeping. As I was leaving the room, he started. bbs magazine preteen "Hey! Who's there?""It's me." I said."Wha -- Jay! -- what're you doing here? Oh!" He said. "I fell asleep reading -- or at least trying to. I'm still a little -- or really a lot -- rusty -- in reading Braille. I have this audio with the Braille accompaniment -- to help learn it.""I see." I said."Damn! Now I get it!""What?""Come here!"I went to his bed. "Give me your hand." He said, reaching up with his right. I put my left hand in it. He jerked it away. "Shee-yit!" He said."What? What's wrong, Randy?""Your hand! You gave me your right hand before. It felt familiar. But -- it's you left hand. Are you left handed?""No." I said, totally out in space as to what he was doing.He reached out again and this time I gave him my right hand. "NO! the left!" Bewildered, I replaced hands and he felt my hand almost sensually. He wiped his eyes with his own left hand. "You feel so much like my little brother! It`s as if you were him!" you even sound like him! He moved over on the bed and patted it. "Lay here beside me jp pantie preteen -- please?""Hey -- I've been playing smear the queer. I'm all dirty!""Just for a moment -- please?" I did so and that put my right hand next to him. He held my hand and took a deep breath, and inhaled heavily. He brought it up to his lips. He didn't kiss it, but he just held it there for several moments, as if he were tasting the odor from it."I better go get cleaned up." I said."NO!!" He said. "I mean -- no -- wait. If you get cleaned up you -- um -- just stay here with me for awhile -- okay?" He sounded on the verge of crying."But I'm all -- I mean my clothes are filthy. Your sheets - ""They're washable. Hey! Your gay aren't you, dammit? You should be enjoying this! Just stay and -- and -- let me -- let me -- oh never mind -- just stay here awhile.""Alright -- if that's what you want."He lay there next to me for about ten minutes. I wondered if he was asleep. He turned away. I started to get up. "Don't go yet -- please?"He grabbed something and I realized it was his cell phone when I heard, "Hello?" Obviously he had awakened someone. He grabbed my hand again and held it to his nose as he talked."Jay? It's me.""Randy? Are you okay?""I am now!""What's wrong -- preteen superstar models why did you call?""I just had to hear your voice. Jay -- I preteen model csm can't remember if I told you that I love you -- before I left last week.""I'm sure you did.""Well, I couldn't remember. Damn, I miss you, Bro!"Then I heard some snuffling on the other end of the line. "I miss you too, Randy! You know, I'll be up there in a couple weeks. I guess I didn't realize how much I missed you!""Oh my gosh!" I whispered."Randy -- is someone else there with you?""Um -- yeah -- there's this guy here. He - ""What? Are you having a sleepover?"Even preteens private pics creamy preteen cunt I could hear the smile in his brother's voice!"Not exactly.""Randy -- is he -- is he -- in your bed?""NO!" Randy exclaimed. "I mean -- no. He's -- um -- just lying here with me -- ON the bed. Jay -- You're gonna HAVE to meet Mikey.""Mikey, huh?" He said. "No it's okay -- I'm talking to my brother. Sorry, bro. I'm kind of having a sleepover myself.""You are?""Hee hee! Stop, Bill! Yeah. Well, - um -- thanks for calling. I miss you too. I better go.""Yeah -- me too." Said Randy.Randy was quiet for the longest time, but clung to my hand tightly, his arm crossing over my own.Again, just as I was wondering how long this might last, he said, "That was so -- so -- unreal -- I mean -- it seemed totally real, but - " he stopped. He broke our hands and wiped his face, then took my hand again. His hand was wet. "Jay -- I mean -- Mikey -- as I was talking to my brother., it was as if he were lying here beside me! You feel like him. You smell like him!""I smell like crap right now!""Yeah -- and I love it because that's the way Jay smells when he works out -- or when he's been wrestling.""He's s wrestler?" I asked. A wrestler and an artist."Yeah -- best in his weight class.""I wanted preteenasspics to go for wrestling. Coach said not to. It would make me bulk up in all the wrong places for swimming.""Oh, Jay isn't built like a wrestler. I think maybe he's just lucky that no one else in his weight class can take him. He IS a stud!" Said Randy as he felt my arm with his other hand. "Damn!""What?""This is gonna seem pretty lame but -- roll over on top of me."It didn't sound lame to me! I did as he asked with no further explanations. "No -- not all the way. He used to lay half on top of me." And with that he pushed me half off him. It was obvious that I was hard as a rock."Sorry!" I said as our boners rubbed past each other."It's okay. It feels normal." He said, then was when I noticed -- it was OUR boners -- not preteenasspics just my own.When I was in the "right" position, he pulled me close, and just started sobbing. "Oh -- god, Jay -- I mean -- Mikey -- I just suddenly feel so damned home sick! I'm sorry, Mikey -- I think I have been putting this off since coming back. I've been worried about Jay's gayness -- or wondering -- and feeling -- well, it's LIKE I'm feeling him here WITH me! I must be embarrassing you something terrible. You must think I'm the strangest dude you ever met! I guess I will have to let you go. I know you want to get cleaned up. I'm sorry that -- that -- you had to- ""Don't even think about it." I said. "If it's okay, I'll come back here when I'm cleaned up and sleep with you. It'll make me less lonely my first night.I got up, and he held my bicep a moment then his hand slipped all the way down my arm and when it came to my hand. That made my boner surge a little and I felt something push out. He said, "Thanks! Thanks so much! You have no idea what this means to me."As I was showering, I wondered, as I took care of my insistent boner, I have heard about brothers who are very close -- brothers who have done a lot of -- experimenting together. Always wished I had one! Will Randy be like -- like -- I didn't even know what to wish for or what to wonder about!When I was finished cleaning up, I came back into the room. "You still awake?" I asked."Yeah. I put on some boxers. I usually sleep naked, but -- that wouldn't be quite fair to you.""Yeah, let me bbs xxs preteen get mine." I said."NO! I mean -- it's okay. Heh! Usually it was me naked and Jay in his sleep shorts. But this works."Wo!" He said. "You were really getting into that game, Mike!" Said Arlo turning on the hall preteen gallery real light. It washed over my neked body. "Sorry I didn't tell you when I was leaving. Looks like you're all cleaned up. Well, I guess we should all get some sleep, huh?""Mikey's staying in here with me tonight." Said Randy."Oh! Well -- cool enough! Ahahah! Y'all -- preteen pedo photos um -- have fun -- er - I mean -- um -- preteen superstar models g'night!"As soon as Arlo left, Randy pulled me back up into position -- half on top of him -- only this time there were no shirts on us. "You just move away as soon as you feel you preteen art erotica need to. This is so unreal ... or so real -- or something." He said. When I made no move to get away, he held me tighter. I again felt tears sliding down his face and between our arms and chests. I was on hyper awareness until his breathing slowed down and he moaned something, then started to pet my head and neck. I went to sleep secure in his arms.Notes: Mikey has a way of getting himself ingratiated to some interesting characters, but ... Well, this will be interesting! Comments are welcome -- to Steve, as stevethomas535hotmail.com. Thanks and love, Steve
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